About Us

Our People

We owe our success to the thousands of highly qualified professionals around the world who constitute the backbone of our institution.

Arab Bank is an equal opportunity employer. Arab Bank PLC employ over 6,500 employees worldwide, coming from various backgrounds and ethnic origins. Women constitute almost 35% of Arab Bank'PLC's community world-wide.

While we consider diversity as our strength, we also place strong emphasis on the educational qualifications of our professionals. More than 70% of our staff holds a graduate and postgraduate university degree, creating a highly professional work environment for our clients' comfort.

Training & Growth
We offer numerous training and educational opportunities for our employees, where 1,082 training courses were offered during 2008, constituting of 3,743 training days, with a total number of 8,319 trainees.

In addition to the regular training courses offered by the Bank throughout the year, Arab Bank is considered a market leader in introducing special talent management programs targeting both, fresh graduates as well as existing high performing staff. Currently, we are running the following two strategic training programs:

  • Ruwad "Pioneers" Program: a strategic program aiming at selecting best pool of talents among fresh graduates locally & abroad, training & developing them to be the future bankers of Arab Bank. These prospects will go through an intensive 3 – 4 months intensive theoretical and practical training programs , covering various technical banking courses & individual development programs . Our aim is to attract, retain and promote development prospects from within. 
  •  Qeyadat "Leaders" Program: a strategic program aiming at identifying & selecting existing promising & development staff, placing them on a fast track intensive development program to be the future leaders of Arab Bank. These prospects will undergo an intensive theoretical and practical training covering various advanced aspects of banking, management & leadership skills.  

Career Opportunities
Arab Bank Group offers a number of career opportunities in its various entities. To submit your resume for consideration, please click here.