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Steady Expansion

The 1970s were focused on the newly emerging oil economies of the Gulf while steadily expanding in its new home base, Jordan.

Abdul Majeed Shoman became Chairman and General Manager of Arab Bank in 1974 and aimed to expand the Bank’s activities and open new branches world wide.

Global expansion continued with the opening of branches in Frankfurt, London, Australia, New York, Singapore as well as many other cities. After the signing of the Palestinian-Israeli Oslo Peace accords, Arab Bank was invited to return to the Palestinian territories to open a network of branches in several Palestinian towns.

Parallel to growing in size, Arab Bank expanded its scope of products and services into new areas of business. Previously emphasizing on trade and small scale construction finance, the Bank undertook a leading role in large scale project finance, both directly and through participation in syndicated loans. By the 1990’s, Arab Bank added investment banking to its established services.