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  • Treasury

With a global network of Treasury centers and extensive local presence, as well as market knowledge, Arab Bank provides an incomparable level of regional market expertise. Our teams are diversified and highly experienced in their specialized market sectors, offering valuable services and support.

Clients wishing to cover their currency exposures can benefit from expert advice and execution services provided by our specialists, in addition to customized solutions for their financial matters. Arab Bank is a market-maker in MENA currencies, quoting highly competitive prices. Our hedging solutions range from conventional foreign exchange transactions, such as swaps and vanilla options, to more hybrid solutions.

Interest rate hedging solutions extend from straight forward swaps, to more complex options according to the requirements and your level of comfort.

Yield enhancement products associated to a variety of different asset classes - including equities and commodities - are also structured for corporate and private banking customers by using Financial Engineering, offering advice on the available alternatives.

Our long-lasting relationships are testaments to the quality of service that Arab Bank Treasury provides. The thorough understanding of our niche markets in the MENA region distinguishes us from even our larger competitors and can give you the business edge you need.

Our group of professionals can bring our customers the widest range of products, which include:

  • Money Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Capital Markets
  • Structured Financial Products

We are at your service at any time to discuss your needs, and provide pricing and substantial professional advice upon request. 
For further information, please contact us: 

TEL: +212 522 22 11 38
Fax : +212 522 22 42 73
EMAIL: Banquedesmarchés@arabbank.ma